An Award for the restless soul!

Hello… You all must be happy that I am back right? Well it took a lot of effort. Waking up in these winters is a task I tell you!

Anyway, this post is a little different. Not about my or your view or the usual senseless things I say, this is about an award. Yep, the “Versatile Blogger” award. I never knew about this until I got one.

Thanks to Seena, I feel honored to have received the “Versatile Blogger” award. Also, I am happy because now I know that there is one more person who reads my blog, which increases my readership to… well… 3!

Here is a little speech… “ Thanks… I would like to thank everyone… My parents who have no idea I run this blog, My friend who likes every post of mine with 15 fake profiles, My readers and critics (3 and 30 in number), the dog in my street that keeps barking while I write my posts hence providing me a background score, my extremely poor grades which inspire me to write and lastly, the reason behind this blog, Vellapan (also called faltupana).”

Moving on, since the rules of this prize giving thing are pretty clear, first let me state them.

1. Nominate 15 Fellow Bloggers

2. Inform the Bloggers of their nomination

3. Share 7 random things about yourself

4. Thank the Blogger who nominated you

5. Add the Versatile Blog Award picture to your blog post

Clever people eh! This way I’ll make sure these 15 people waste their 5 precious minute reading this. And hence I’ll get 15 readers for this post! 😛

So not making this blog post super long (like I always do) and super senseless (like I always do) and a laughter riot (like I never do)… let me get this straight.
PS: I am nominating only 10, this way I can make them feel more important 😛

First I nominate the 10 blogs I like to read by their owner names. (I read like a hundred blogs, so these 10 should send me chocolate boxes as a thanks)

In no particular order (most of them have no idea I am nominating them, it’s gonna be fun 😛 )

1. Dhanya
A senior and skilled blogger. Best when it comes to write personal posts.

2. Saru
Just go to the blog and you’ll automatically know why I said this.

3. Arti
When it comes to writing your experiences, I didn’t find anyone better!

4. Deb
And with this I am back to my favorite genre, comedy! Have fun reading that 😀

5. Snow leopard
My personal favorite. The man is In Fact, unpredictable and versatile.

6. Surya
Came across the blog through this nomination thing only. Found it awesome!

7. Sugandha
The blog is great and different, though I feel a little under rated. But as I know her better, the writing skills and the work she does is even more awesome.
Also check out NTMN to see some more of her (and my) work. (Which is in my blogroll too.)

8. Harsh
One of the best writers I met and personally knowing him is a pleasure. I can only say that if I ever publish a novel, his name would be there in the inspiration.  (Check out for more of our works)

9. Seena
I know she was waiting for this, that’s why didn’t do it in start 😛 But you deserve it.

10. The NRI
You can’t get a better blog to fit the definition of “versatile”!!

And yes, in the blogs that are too good to be mentioned here, I would name What ho, Whackk, and OuchMyToe.

And I would mention here, two more people, one who played a major role in the making of my blog, Ashish  and second, in making of whose blog, mine played a small role 😛 Soumya.
(I guess the total went to 15 anyway 😛 )

Oh, here is the pic of that “Versatile blog award” that I got. I hope these 10 people will also use this picture with my name in their blog (hence giving me a linkback). See, I am clever!

Now telling 7 random things about myself.

  1. I am much more senseless and pathetically funny then i sound in this blog.
  2. An engineer by mind and writer by heart, I like reading, dancing, singing, hacking, and all other things that can spare me from cramming useless formulas.
  3. I love pizza and I guess its high time for pizza hut to get me a share in their company.
  4. I love Manchester united, not like many wannabes, in fact so much that when we were kicked out of champions league, I didn’t let my cousin eat for two days!
  5. I am a Libra man, born on 21st October which is also the birth date of Alfred Nobel and the indian national army.
  6. A hard-core rock fan, AC-DC being my favorite. But that doesn’t stop me from listening to Mohd. Rafi and Kishor kumar who will always be the best.
  7. And yes, Barney Stinson and Chandler Bing. Two characters I am the biggest fan of, and its visible!!

Hmph… The post now comes to an end. I liked writing this one, and I hope you liked reading this one. Now go click on the links I have given and start reading. I know they are better than me, so here is an appeal like the Wikipedia guys do.

An appeal from the ABugInMyMind founder Shubham
Don’t forget me please… like my facebook page too” (and as the only alive receiver of Rajinikanth’s letter, I’d recommend doing that 😛 )

32 thoughts on “An Award for the restless soul!

  1. Thank you for kind words. I am honoured.
    Interesting points you have written about yourself. It seems you played safe and stayed away from revealing controversial secrets. Hmmm…
    Anyway, I would definitely check out the other blogs you have recommended. I know and have read a couple of them, but the rest are new for me, but I am sure are quite good.

  2. awesome as usual….you no mentioned the marketing team 😛 😉 no problem…secret admiration will do that work 😛
    otherwise, manchester united wala point is awesome and the speech as well… 😀

    you always bring up something new and interesting… 🙂

  3. omgg!!!!!!! :O :O :O
    nt a post ul brag about! u ass! ..u dint gime a hint u ver nominated….ulli aurat…post k pehle batana tha…n vo bhi chod ichck a day later..! argh! ( d name i cal whn m angry) v need to make sm rules here…! 😐
    m double angry nw!
    u brag about all d random posts bt nt dis one.u gotta face sm music.wait til m bck.! 😐

    CONGRATULATIONSSS!!!!!!!! trust m m very happy to here dat! 🙂 nt dat i read any oder blogs but i surely knw u fit fr d award! 😀 party!!!! 🙂 may d no. of awards keep addng 😀

  4. naiicee!! i wish i was the part of the award too 😉 (giving you the hint that next time u better put my name in the list :p :p ) i am sooo much in love with the cute penguin!!! and the snow flakes!

    1. Well… you do qualify, but then again, who am i to give these awards, this was just a measure on the basis of the peculiar choices i have 😛
      PS: All those are what i say “Big bloggers”, so next time i post something about normal people like us, you’ll be on top 😉

      PPS: Penguin says thanks 😛

  5. Thank you so much ! I’m a little late in visiting — really sorry about that. But you made my day ! 🙂 And hey, senior and skilled blogger? Wow, you make me sound like Amitabh Bachchan and I’m not even that old yet 😦 😉

  6. Okay. Sorry for this really late comment, I know I am too thankless and mean and blah blah. But, better late than never. So yeah, THANKS A LOT. 😀
    Like I was telling you the other day, I wouldn’t say it’s really underrated. Only in terms of the no. of comments if yes. I have been so glad to be freaking READ that I never thought of this. So thanks Shubham for letting me know 😛

    And really, thanks yaar. It feels good when your blog is called different. And great too. 😀 🙂

    1. aapka comment aa gaya dil garden garden ho gya 😛
      Anyway, now it’s been six months so people tell me that even my nominations are valued.. 😛 so i can say, u deserved it 🙂
      and by underrated i didn’t mean comments or likes, i just felt it should be more known than it is now..

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