Frustrated by not being a news sensation, Rakhi Sawant jumps into a borewell!!

Why this kolaveri kolaveri di!!! Everyone was busy singing the song, while some ignorant poor souls were searching about sunny Leone videos on Google, a few are still busy celebrating India’s victory in tests while the rest are yet to decide what to talk about. And the remaining was done by sharad pawar!!!

So to give you all something new to discuss about, Rakhi Sawant has now jumped into a borewell. The news reportedly came Sunday evening when our editor was downloading the kolaveri song from YouTube.

The reason of this whole incidence was already made clear by Rakhi in a letter she left before jumping. The letter was, “Among all these things, no one noticed that the usual Indian headlines are lost somewhere. No one is talking about Manmohan Singh’s silence or the increasing petrol prices, and what about RAKHI SAWANT!!!! I am the star item girl of the country, even a kiss I gave used to be breaking news.” 


 The police and fire brigade were immediately rushed to the spot and a video camera was thrown inside to keep a watch on what’s happening inside the bore well. According to the sources, govt. is not allowing public to see the video feed, it will be given on a chargeable basis instead. As there was very little room for throwing anything inside, she was asked if she wanted to eat, in reply to which, she asked for a loud speaker and microphone so that she could speak to people and press. She also said she could live without eating for a day or two but having press on the spot was a necessity.

The reaction to this incident was mixed. The media thinks it was a smart move to gain publicity as children falling into borewells used to be a news sensation, but these days, both Rakhi and such incidents were out of news. While the government is thankful to Rakhi for deviating the people’s attention from their work, the media personalities like Vijay Malya have criticized this saying that this was the only time they were getting to be in news “with their own face”!

Reportedly, Poonam Pandey has termed this whole thing as a “deep” publicity stunt and has also said that she will strip if Rakhi Sawant is left in the Borewell for 2-3 days more.
Incidentally, the long-time out of news person “RamGopal Verma” has also tried to cash out the moment for his publicity and has declared to take Rakhi Sawant in his next movie as a lead heroine if she comes out within 2 days.

While the whole country is looking for something to talk about every day, lets thank these fame crazy people as they atleast make us laugh!

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