: The journey has been awesome on this WitCraft!

Posted: November 19, 2011 in In The Bug's Mind, Poems
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Don’t remember how much, but it’s been long I guess…
The day I “liked” a page, uninformed of the future beholding a great success…
I never knew being funny could make me famous, but to the wheel of my talent this platform gave a shaft…
The journey has been awesome on this WitCraft!


Sometimes it was logical, sometimes plain mad…
Can’t forget those long threads and the immense fun we had…
In the midst of this all we made many friends, to which the page acted like a graft,
The journey has been awesome on this WitCraft!

Not only fun, but professionalism I learned…
with the knowledge and the creativity, there was a lot more we earned…
Never thought I’ll be known as a writer, and people will wait for something which is just a draft,
The journey has been awesome on this WitCraft!

There is something about us that binds us together…
Some are good with one liners, some can write stories, some do all, while a few just enjoy yaha ka weather…  😛
It’s a combination of engineers and the normal humans and of course, swami Wityanand with whom we all laughed…
The journey has been awesome on this WitCraft!

Just wished to write what I felt, didn’t expect to go that long…
It’s a platform that made me realize my passion and to what I belong…
Next thing I say is obvious for here, you are made for this, if originality is your tool and Wit is your haft…
Just join us with a tinge of your wit, and believe me, the journey will be awesome on this WitCraft!

TWS Logo

I might not be very good at poems, just wanted to thank, so I took a long shot…
Remember you guys, I owe you a lot.
(And you do the same to me for some awesome ideas I keep giving you 😛 )

  Happy Birth Day TWS!!! 😀 😀

  1. GARGI says:

    thewittyshit is a HIT..:D well written!

  2. triptigoel says:

    happy birthday TWS! 😀

  3. its superb..way to go WITmaster.. and happy birthday TWS…

  4. Vijaya lakshmi says:

    good one… as usual!! 🙂 well well, u’re turning out to be quite a poet! 😉 my bday is on april 6th.. so ahem ahem, i wouldnt mind a birthday poem!! 😉 hehe just kidding.. 🙂 anyways, good one dude!!

    • shubhamc21 says:

      Hehe.. thanku thanku.. and yes, recently i have written quite a lot of poems.. but the articles are in line too.. 🙂
      And anything for the editor.. wait n watch 😉

  5. svchost says:

    cool story bro

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