Ra.One , Metallica and some other crap

Hi.. you must be wondering why I compared crap to Ra.One when we all know which is worse… and why I wrote metallica and the other two words in the same line… Reason is simple, I am a regular guy, or in this case, a not-so-regular guy who hasn’t seen both.

A few weeks back, when I was cleaning my home for the much awaited Diwali, I came to know that India is going to host F1 racing and there will be a Metallica concert as well, pardon my poor GK, I was too busy doing nothing maybe! So all I could say was “ok” and I went back to my work. Not that I am not a fan of rock, in fact I love listening to zepplin but metallica I wasn’t really fond of. So weren’t my friends, but suddenly liking metallica became a trend. It was just like that “Hate Justin beiber” wave that spread once.

As I said, I am a regular guy, I have around 400 Facebook friends which is a symbol of a good profile according to people, so I could see the trend there too. It wasn’t even over when shahrukh khan started promoting his movie in which he was playing a superhero. I wasn’t really interested in watching another movie with a superhero in it, but the promos aroused my curiosity and I thought, “Let’s give it a try” but before I could think of buying the tickets the first day first show of the movie happened (luckily I didn’t get it’s tickets) and all I could hear from my friends was “the movie is crap!” call it Facebook effect but my friends who won’t even agree to the fact that light travels the fastest, agreed to the point that Ra.One sucks. I wanted to see the movie but going for it now would spoil my image in my friends. All I can see on the internet is the bad reviews of the movie.

When you see Facebook, “ABC and 33 other friends posted about Diwali” such posts are common… so is that what we want? To be a part of those 33 other people? When the metallica concert got cancelled, everyone is dissing the media and rest are cursing the public. Some blog posts are getting popular and some quotes are spreading like viral. But the fact is, not more than 30% percent of the people have actually listened to many metallica tracks and rest are just being a part of the mob. I still have sympathy with the true rock fans who missed that. I still have sympathy with people who wanted to celebrate Diwali with Ra.One and got something else. But what I see there is less genuineness and more imitation.

As I always say “by imitating people we only take humanity back to where we evolved from” so it’s time to do something new, something different and something good (and hopefully one thing that combines all three)

Let’s just end this nonsense with one thing.. what you read was neither my anger nor my frustration… it wasn’t something to laugh at, neither did I want to make you cry. What I wished was to convey a simple message, the virtual life is deceptive, being updated is different and following the trend is different. So forget metallica and Ra.one (unless you wasted your money in it 😛 ) and choose something which people aren’t talking much about (let’s say my blog).. Who knows If you set your own trend! 😀

12 thoughts on “Ra.One , Metallica and some other crap

  1. Italics mein jo likha….sattyawachan.
    And also, I observed this similar trending about which you spoke, during the Anna-Hadtaal or even before that, the Gujjar riots….
    …yes, you are totally correct about these…but it is really very hard to actually extract ingenuity from the social-network-mob…but at the end of the day,we should ask ourselves, does that really matter? 😉

    1. that time i didn’t have a blog.. otherwise jin gujjar and meena bhaiyo ko english aati wo movement nhi karte 😛 😛
      thanks fr the appreciation.. my observation and ur reviews are deadly together 😀

  2. “I still have sympathy with the true rock fans who missed that. I still have sympathy with people who wanted to celebrate Diwali with Ra.One and got something else. But what I see there is less genuineness and more imitation.”-best lines(with rhyming :P)
    even i want to see Ra.one, but itne acche reviews dekh kar, jaane ki himmat ni hui 😀 😛
    awesomely written BTW 😀

  3. mah fav. part of d article is d 1st line..! ….i wasnt interestd in dis article at al…all d thngs i thot u wud tlk of wud b crap.. butt! BUT! …yea u manage to hit it hard on m head wid d opening sentence ! 😀 n yes…d capturing lingo…yeah went on n i hardly knew evn b4 d it was ova….nice article shubham…n dis tym i noticed a glimpse of another style of ur writng…more like a diary entry…a self conversation may b..smhw… diff n nice…a tlk bout d whole issue but obvious frm a new dimension n a diff pnt of view..! 😀 …nice one…but try a btr topic plz….! 😛

    1. ok about the first line.. why wud u think that what i am talking is crap?
      and for the lines after that, thanku.. appreciation is always appreciated 😀
      and yes.. i tried to make it a little offbeat.. as i say, “things we all observed, and i said” 🙂

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