Sometimes I miss my childhood!

Posted: October 10, 2011 in Author's choice, English, From the heart, Love, Poems
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Before you read here’s something I want to say.
This one is just out of emotions… Remembering those days, seeing old friends and watching those beautiful old pictures, sometimes has an effect.

I would like to dedicate this one to all my friends in hostels, far from their homes and a few who really are feeling homesick these days… and also to those who will be far from their families in future (Which includes me too)

Don’t go for the rhyme (Which is “abcbdd” by the way) and just try to feel, who knows you might like it as well 😉

I remember the time when papa was the most powerful man in the world…
I remember the time when I actually used to sleep in nights..!
I remember how I used to snuggle into my sister’s arms…
And how afraid I was of heights…
I remember when I didn’t know what clever or cunning meant and everything I knew was good…
Sometimes I miss my childhood..!

I remember the time when mom’s lap was the snuggest bed for me…
I remember how small things made me happy which now I can’t describe…
I remember how precious a small pencil could be…
And how ecstatically I expressed things I used to imbibe…
I remember how everyone spoke the language of love to me and no one was misunderstood…
Sometimes I miss my childhood..!

I remember how an outing meant everyone together…
I remember how our love wasn’t restricted to Mother’s and Father’s day…
I remember the taste of the food mom made especially for me…
and how I never laughed when instead of happy, someone said gay…
I remember how playing in streets was in our routine and we were the champs of the neighbourhood…
Sometimes I miss my childhood..!

I remember how I used to rise early and go to school…
I remember how polishing the shoes was also a duty…
I remember the assembly, the periods and the friends…
with whom how a treat meant a pack of chips and a frooty…
I remember how we didn’t care for the future and how we scribbled on those tables of wood…
Sometimes I miss my childhood..!

I don’t say I want to relive those days…
Neither do I complain against the life I live…
But I just wish things were simple again…
and we could live freely, without worries and see what pleasure it can give…
What all I want is an unassuming life although with all its excitements, and would steal those moments, if I could…
Sometimes I miss my childhood..!


Ps: The Thought For This One Was Strengthened After I Read This By One Of My Favourite Authors 

“Another Belief Of Mine: That Everyone Else My Age Is An Adult, Whereas I Am Merely In Disguise.”—Margaret Atwood

  1. Aayush says:

    n1 bro…………we all miss our childhood…..

  2. shailesh yadav says:

    nice one yaar…………
    kuch bolne ko shabd ni h…
    i liked it…. 🙂

  3. Aayush says:

    n1 bro…we all miss our chldhood…..:D

  4. Gargi Trehan says:

    u penned down the feelings of each n every adult…..last para wrapped the word LIFE’ in it..
    .Nice job…:)

  5. shilpi says:

    vo kagaz ki kashti ..vo barish ka paani….too gud bro..loved it..specially the line (I remember how I used to snuggle into my sister’s arms…).. 🙂

  6. I am teary-eyed, my friend.
    Very well written…keep up! 🙂

  7. gauri says:

    I truly liked this one, lovable shubham,
    a lil’ more polishing and there will be a gem in poetry 🙂

    P.S. – I’m sharing this on Fb 🙂

  8. Vijaya lakshmi says:

    good one… !! 🙂 I agree with u.. wish things were as simple as that again!

  9. Manavprithvesh says:

    Hey shubham…great writing skills dude…keep it up..
    …Hey buddy if you don’t mind….I am using your space……to share my view point on something…as I want more and more people to read this and make a difference……And make this world a better place to life…Thank you before hand….

    Hey my dear friends, Came across a really fantafabulous saying uploaded on FB by a friend .It was about having true friends and about happiness.
    So I felt to put up some lines about it here too the happiness one gets in making everyone happy is awesome, but the selfless givers are very lesser in amount. And the irony is when people notice or come across such good people they just pass by, because the…y don’t have the attitude, courage and the most important, they can’t leave the artificial & show-offish world, for that completes their life. Remember guys.” its very easy to earn money any time (at least I am very sure of the capable ones), but its so very tough to earn people.” so just look back and see how many true and honest friends have u earned in ur kitty. Celebrate this Diwali by Lighting the Diya’s of Humanity, Love, Giving, Sharing & selflessness & make it diffferent. Happy Diwali to all.


  10. aww! i like d poem! ..nice one…especially considering u being a dayschlar! 🙂 my fav part is d last one….its clear hw u miss dose old tyms…:) n also regret nt hvng em bck.. d misunderstndgs werent der…no worries… n d whole society, d behaviour disciplines, n skills, d double facedness n all d crappy issues…d absence..yett.der presence makes us old n matured…d poem shows u accept em all but nt deny missng d old days….but seriously speaking..u cn get back der n steal dose momnts! 🙂 d silly ones…try it once frgt thinkng bout life..! deciding stuff n also characterizng stuff…jus let it b…n den steal d fun ! 🙂 d kids still der in every1 around…u jus need to wake em outta d innocent cozy sleep ..:)

    p.s i realised kaafi heavy sa ho gaya ye to! 😛 …(reason being:i am homesick )

    • shubhamc21 says:

      point by point..
      Thanks, i am a dayski but i do undrstnd emotions.. and even at home i can feel this.. 🙂
      About the next lines, well yes.. i’ve seen the world and its traits.. just wanted to tell its all abt how we see it.. as a child the same world appears good to us 🙂

      Bat rhi stealing those moments ki.. believe me, i do that.. a reason u call me a kid always 😛 in fact i love the way life is 🙂
      So all in all.. thanks.. go home soon, dont be home sick 😛

  11. yes m gng on friday! 🙂 n wnt b homesick anymr! 😀
    n yess being a kid ! 🙂 being a kid is d bst thng u cn do u to urslf…! 😀 i do it all d tym! 😛 hehhe…

  12. Princess Zainab ♥ says:

    ♥♥♥ It’s Really Awesome & both pics is Fantastic ♥♥♥

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