The indian demo-crazzy

Ok ok the title is a stolen one.

But don’t you think it was apt ? So i thought why put stress on my little mind

Anyways, this is something i always wanted to express and finally i am doing it thanks to WordPress (oh yes i rhyme too)

In my childhood i always heard my parents saying India is a country filled of scams and corruption, that time things like the famous fodder scam, or the famous Harshad Mehta stock exchange scam were really talked about. So i always thought when I’ll grow up I’ll do something big… something which will be known forever and I’ll be part of a country which is far more advanced than the one i am living in (no pun intended, I wanted India to develop)

And see, my dream came true… today we do scams on international level, today we have black money all over the Swiss banks and we have corrupted the biggest international event that happened recently (cwg of course)… so all in all, we did advance.

And the best thing about all this is that when i am trying to be sarcastic, our government is actually proud of it.

For instance , our very famous spokesperson’s take on recent Mumbai bomb blasts was “we have successfully overcome them 100s of times, failing 1 or 2 times is normal” and while we are still fighting for the lokpal bill and the other anti-corruption movements , our national issue right now is hina rabbani being extra beautiful.

Once i read in a newspaper that someone threw a shoe on a respected indian leader.

That obviously wasn’t right… but does our govt needs to be tackled with such measures… or is this the only way to dump our anger abt these situations… i mean can’t the government do anything about this…

Here are a few solutions i thought

As dr. MMS very well knows his image in the country (i know he has a secret fb profile he uses to keep a watch on updates related to him)… he must make a blog requesting people to comment on his situation.. Also he must not forget to mark spam the comments using the obvious words (ma, bahan, dk bose, chor, naukar, idiot, asshole, crap, screw, and obviously the indian gaalis)

Digvijay singh should undergo a vocal cord surgery and should get them removed, or he can simply drink HCl… most of the problems will be solved

Soniya gandhi should let mms decide what hours he’ll speak on his own (like 9 to 10 pm everyday)… This way some sensible decisions might be taken.

Suresh kalmadi, well he’s going good… just keep forgetting… who knows when u might forget to breathe .

A raja should aim big, i mean only after his scam we got 3G in our country… a 3G scam might get us something even better.

Raj thackrey… dude, do something… people are forgetting you, you still have many north indians to curse… why don’t you start off with MS dhoni this time!!

And Chelsea should dismiss their club (you know I had to say that anyways)

If all these solutions were not good enough, u guys can always try going the left way (pun highly intended)

After all these people, it would be my bad if i don’t mention, the two fame-crazy people, baba ramdev and rakhi sawant… for them i have to say this in a very female style..  “awww…   go get a room you two ❤ ”

Politics in india is like baba ramdev’s left eye… it exists but its pretty useless… but you can’t just sit back and curse them… i mean , i can (i am blogger, we all know i am jobless) but you can’t… in rdb style, ias bano, ips bano, politics ko badlo…

While reading this some of you might smile and some might say what a waste of time (actually many would say that) but my soul motive behind writing this was to express this one thing that none of us is satisfied with the way democracy in india is being used and the way we are being led.

So wake up, have a cup of coffee (i hear its beneficial) and then go for it… at least  cast your vote… after-all being adult is not only your permit for some internet websites

9 thoughts on “The indian demo-crazzy

  1. Careful bro, you might end up in prison after writing this! Few people did! 😛

    Anyways, amazing blog (as always)!

    And a Tata tea commercial at the end!

    Chaay (or coffee) piyo, desh badlo! 😛

    Jokes apart, best part is when you sum it up & ask the people to vote!

    Be the Change that you want to see, is what I take from the post!

      1. Yeap… seen that 😉 must say ur starting days were way better… Frankly speaking i like reading ur post on sarcasms… So here when u mixed both sarcasm n sense.. u sounded Ace!! 🙂

        1. Haha. Noted. Even I think the same. But with time i observed that to grow as a writer i needed to try my hands in more serious things. Even the people like seriousness more and I could see how some of my short stories got a way better response. Still, just to be the same old me I do try sarcasm every now and then 🙂

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