So that’s how we roll

Posted: July 16, 2011 in Others
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“If you’re reading this in or after the year 2013, please note that this was my first post. Don’t judge me! Except for this smiley 😛

well this is my first post and i am not gonna lie to you (not that i will in the next post or not that u know if i am)

this blog is gonna suck.. more than edward cullen.. more than abhishek bachchan.. less than CHELSEA (i can’t beat that)

so if you think you’re gonna utilize your time reading this.. you just wasted a minute (in thinking that)

and one more thing.. as i know you still haven’t closed this page..

“if you like things that are funny in a way no one gets them, if u love to spend time reading others blogs, if you love to read witty one liners and sarcastic comments.. you’re gonna love this blog (and you’re weird) “

  1. Sahil Dave says:

    yeah….”weird for life” !!!!

  2. Mona says:

    Better weird and unique than usual and common. 😉

  3. shubhamc21 says:

    yep.. and thats makes us special 😛

  4. shubhamc21 says:

    and you like french too 😛
    how did u reach the blog? FB or smthin else?

  5. shubhamc21 says:

    well you got me 😛
    And what you read was the introduction to the blog, and since you liked it (i guess :p )
    I think you should give it a read, i am sure some articles will tickle your funny bone 🙂

  6. shubhamc21 says:

    hehe.. agreed.. your choice.. though reading all these comments would have been full of efforts as well 😛

    • Mona says:

      Well, I wouldn’t mind two lines. It’s barely a glance but anymore than five and I’m out. I get easily bored as quick as I get excited. So, what d’you have for me that’ll hold my interest? 😛

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